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Naturally blessed country, Nepal has a lot to offer everyone visiting here. From geographical landscapes to water resources, high land of Mountains and Himalayas to lowland of Terai, this country has in store all the natural aspects. Among many others, the highs and lows are the adventurous and exciting part of the trails situated in different ways in different places out here. Entering Nepal, one has a variety of options to go through and if loves adventure then many things are here to select and one of them is Mountain Biking tour. Mountain Biking tour in Nepal is one of the most adventurous as well as mind blowing activity where one gets to explore the path of different geographical locations and the people, their culture and the monuments around it.

The different areas where one can go for Mountain Biking tour activity is Kali Gandaki valley trails in the Mustang region which is said to be surrounded by the five miles high peaks, Next is Annapurna circuit trails where one can get an opportunity to ride mountain bike to the lower mustang region at the altitudes between 1500m and 4,000m. Mountain biking in Nepal is one of the excellent ways to explore the untouched places of the country. Biking tour in this kind of adventurous part of the country is always a breathtaking and adrenaline rushing. With a life time experience of this opportunity one can have immensely wonderful memory of the journey all fresh and alive which will keep you pep up every time when you feel down. This beautiful country Nepal holds different tracks for mountain biking tour and advised to experience this track with beautiful scenery and locals residing by it.

Come and join us for the ultimate adventure where Himalayan Joy Adventure offers you the joyous adventure ride worthwhile to remember for the lifetime.

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